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AFP Foundation UT: Grassroots Activist Certification Bootcamp – North Salt Lake

June 14 @ 6:00 pm - June 15 @ 5:30 pm Best Western Plus CottonTree Inn

You have been invited to join the Utah chapter of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation for an exciting training event developed by the Grassroots Leadership Academy.

This is a two-day bootcamp covering six critical concepts, starting on the evening of Friday, June 14th and continuing all day Saturday, March 15th. By attending you will learn how to effectively make the case for economic freedom, how to effectively message and tell your story in your community, and how to make a impact in your area. A full list of the courses and the dates that will take place can be found below: 

6/14/2019 (5:60 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. with dinner provided)
Session 1: What If Government Didn’t Do It?
In this presentation, participants will learn about the key institutions of civil society, their proper roles, and how they can address the concerns of those who see the government as the solution to so many societal issues. 

6/15/2019 (9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. with lunch provided)
Session 2: Building Communities for Action
Change isn’t created solely by one person and it doesn’t happen online. Change happens when people form relationships and trust. This session explores the art of building an effective movement by engaging in the person-to-person strategy of community building. 

Session 3: The Power of The Pen
Inspiring others is a specific craft that stems from knowing the fundamentals of persuasive messaging. In this session, participants will master the effective tools that activists use across multiple platforms to communicate the case for freedom with various audiences. Using time-tested strategies, participants will learn how to make their messages resonate and inspire others. 

Session 4: What’s Your Story
To engage people about issues at the deepest level, nothing beats a compelling or relatable story. In this session, participants will learn how their personal story touches others’ lives and how to use their story to explain issues in an engaging way that sparks action.” 

Session 5: #FakeNews
When we hear the term “Fake News,” our minds instantly think the information is false, negative, or wrong.  In this session, participants will learn key methods for discerning messages through the lens of truth vs. perception and how mastery of these skills will help to end the modern-day problem of tribalism that is plaguing our society.  

Session 6: Impacting Political Leaders
Once you’ve identified the change you want, how can you best see it through? We discuss best practices for engaging, influencing, and convincing elected officials to join your efforts for change in your state and community.


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