Ogden Twilight concert series set to announce summer season lineup

Ogden Twilight concert series set to announce summer season lineup

OGDEN — Who’s ready to find out just how rocking this summer is going to get?

The Ogden Twilight concert series will soon announce its 2019 lineup, and series co-founder/curator Jared Allen says the 10 planned concerts make up a season that is better than ever.

“We definitely have hit more of our bucket list than ever before with this lineup,” Allen said. “We’ve got a couple of headliners on there that I’ve seen play big festivals to 50,000 people — and they weren’t just playing the festivals, they were the headliners — so we’ve got a couple of those guys.”

Although the situation remains fluid until the last minute, what with contracts and final details still being nailed down, Allen said they should be able to announce seven or eight headliners, along with one co-headlining show and three special guest artists. He said the remainder of the schedule should be announced in the days following.

“Two of the artists on here are very, very high up on the Coachella roster this year, and that festival sold out instantly,” Allen said of the prestigious music and arts festival in Indio, Calif. “These are some of the top artists — not the top, but near the top — at Coachella.”

Although Allen won’t begin naming artists until Friday, he has released the dates of this year’s shows. They are: June 6, June 20, July 12, July 18, Aug. 2, Aug. 17, Aug. 21, Sept. 5, Sept. 17, and Sept. 27.

As with last year, Ogden Twilight is again bringing in 10 concerts this time around. Allen said the 2018 shows were packed in tighter, with the final show of the season coming on Aug. 9.

“Now, we’ve spread it out,” he said. “At one point we had three shows in nine days last year, and that was a lot to expect of everyone — including our audiences. This year we made a conscious effort to spread it out, while still doing the same number of shows.”

Concerts will again be held in the outdoor Ogden Amphitheater. A total of 7,000 tickets will be available for each show.

“The year we did The Shins we had 7,500 sellable tickets, and we saw that was just too crowded,” Allen said. “Since then, we’ve backed it off to 7,000 tickets.”

Individual tickets for all but three of the shows are again $10 each, with one show set at $12, one at $15 and one at $20. Or, a season pass can be purchased for $100, for all 10 shows. The season pass, Allen said, is a good deal for audiences — not so much for promoters.

“If we sold out on season passes we’d take it in the shorts on a couple of these shows,” he said.

For example, Allen said the Sept. 5 show will be a $20 ticket. He says that’s going to be a big one, and he suspects it will be the first one of the season to sell out.

“There have been a handful of artists I’ve been trying to get for years, and that one on 9/5 has been a target of mine every single year,” Allen said. “I’ve flown to two different coasts to meet the agent to try and make that happen, for years. And the only way it came through was with the bigger-dollar ticket.”

Allen gives a shout out to sponsors of the concert series, who help keep Ogden Twilight ticket prices reasonable.

“Thanks to our sponsors, that’s the reason these shows are so affordable,” he said. “It makes us able to offer these class acts for less than the cost of a movie ticket. A lot of these shows would be $100 tickets in other markets, but with our sponsors these businesses and individuals have chosen to throw these parties for their community.”

Based on ZIP code sales data, Allen said 47 percent of the concert series’ audience comes from Salt Lake County, with 23 percent from Weber County.

“But the most amazing thing is that almost 9 percent come from out of state,” he said. “Last year, we had people travel here from all 50 states.”

Allen believes folks will flock to Ogden again this summer, and he’s expecting a minimum of three sold-out shows.

“This is a stronger lineup, I believe so, than in other years,” he said. “And we’ve spent that way, too.”

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