Ogden-based TV show ‘Brothers in Arms’ debuts on History Channel

OGDEN — A new History Channel TV show is based right out of Ogden, called "Brothers in Arms."

The new reality TV show debuted Thanksgiving week on Nov. 20 and has released two episodes thus far.

"From fixing and testing a Cold War Russian tank, one of only a few in America, to solving the mystery of an unidentified Japanese WW2 contraption that Allied troops had never seen before – and didn’t know how to fire," the show’s description reads. "There’s little that the team at Banditos Armory won’t do to investigate, restore, build, and test the most innovative, iconic machines in military history."

The stars of the show are Vincent Vargas and Eli Cuevas, according to the History Channel, who recently came to call Utah home. Vargas moved to Utah from Texas with his family where the two have set up business in Ogden.

They are the owners of Banditos Armory that opened this month. Both Vargas and Cuevas are United States Army veterans with plenty of war stories. The friends met in Hollywood at a Christmas party and later went on to work together on a movie.

In one of the episodes, the friends take on restoring an OT-90 tank, brought in from a local who had it shipped over from Europe, and added a new weapons system to it.

In a podcast about the first episode, Vargas said, "It’s vulnerable putting your life out there, and it’s vulnerable putting our business out there."

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