How to survive the last quarter of school

TX. End of School

Everyone knows that fourth quarter can be the longest and seemingly most wasted portion of the school year. This last quarter starts with teachers and students cramming in the final bits of material from their classes, and then everyone spends a couple of weeks testing. But after all of these tests...


The TX. 10: Best bands

42nd Annual American Music Awards - Press Room-27

10. Muse: My siblings’ personal favorite; if you haven't heard them already then have you been living under a rock? 9. Coldplay: Now I know what you’re thinking but trust me when I say sit down and just listen to them. 8. Sleeping at Last: A highly underrated band that puts meaning into...


Cheerios creates buzz about saving bees

LP-6/07/2016 Wildflowers

We’ve all heard it: “Bees are dying at alarming rates.” A type of bumblebee has even been added to the endangered species list. “Save the bees!” is a rallying cry for ecologists and activists alike. One-third of our food supply depends on the pollination done by...


Political role models offer women hope for change

Senate Warren Breaking Rules-4

In society, gender stereotypes seem to take hold of roles in households, in jobs, in what people wear, and more. The color blue, for example, is associated with males, and pink with females. Or in the political field, leadership roles are labeled as a being a “man’s job.” However,...


09 TX-bottomline

TX. Butterflies

A group of butterflies is called a flight or flutter.


Old fashions get new makeovers

TX. Fashion 6.jpg

The more I experience high school, the more I notice something that I don’t think too many people consider: the changes in style and fashion among teens of our generation. In elementary school, I remember buying all of my clothes from Aeropostale and Hollister. Having those stores’...


Ruling or not, all can work for safety of transgender students

Trump Transgender

Last May, the Obama administration applied federal guidelines that protected America’s transgender youth against discrimination for using the school bathroom of their choice. On Feb. 22, the Trump administration sent out a “Dear Colleague” letter to the nation addressing school...


The TX. 10: Favorite condiments

TX. pickles

1. Ranch dressing 2. Mustard 3. Ketchup 4. Fry sauce 5. Mayo 6. Italian/vinaigrette dressing 7. Barbeque sauce 8. Salsa 9. Hot sauce 10. Pickles/relish — Arianna Rackham, Northridge High


What changes will DeVos bring to nation's schools?


Today, students continuing and finishing their formal education have more opportunities and paths to choose from than ever before. In the scope of traditional education, there are now more options rather than just the conventional public school for students to choose from. Charter schools are...


02 TX-bottomline

TX. Okapi

The tongue of an okapi can be up to 17 inches long.

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