'Treasures' we refuse to throw away

TX. Treasures

As I considered what exactly I adored in my life, ideas raced through my brain from my first guitar to my aged soccer ball. What will you value most when you are 90 years old? Sometimes, all we have are certain items to remind us of sentimental moments that we went through. A good friend of mine...


Feminism not scary — and not a ‘dirty' word


“Feminism — noun : the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes” is the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition, having been used since 1895. eThis is not to say that feminism is about men, but it is for those who are discriminated against, for the...


Pop into hits of punk powerhouses

Fall Out Boy

Welcome to our generation's version of punk rock — pop punk. Pop punk is a fused genre, combining elements of punk rock and elements of pop music. The end result is loud and fast: lots of chord changes and distorted electric guitar sounds accompany pop-influenced lyrics, voices and...


19 TX-bottomline

TX. Windmill

Windmills are typically associated with Holland but they were actually first created in Persia around 650 A.D.  


The TX. 10: Top classic and unusual pets

TX. Sugar glider

1. Dog 2. Cat 3. Fish 4. Hamster 5. Bird 6. Capybara 7. Fennec fox 8. Ball python 9. Micro pig 10. Sugar glider — Cami Crimin, Northridge High


Utahns join protests of Trump's immigration ban

TX. Immigration protest


More to love than 'magic' of Valentine's Day

12 TX Kennedy Robins Illustration

Valentine’s Day — you either love it or you hate it. Everyone has an opinion on this iconic day.  Obviously for couples, Valentine’s brings love into the air, disrupting the common “February Blues.” Girls get chocolates, teddy bears, jewelry and expensive dinners...


Takeout for one not badge of shame

TX. Pedicures

As Feb. 14 approaches, a simple wail often fills the Walgreen’s flower aisle, the Chocolate Factory, and nearly every romantic comedy in theaters: “Why am I still single?!” Asking that question diminishes one of the types of love that Valentine's Day was created to celebrate...


The TX. 10: Prettiest flowers

TX. Roses

1. Rose 2. Apple blossom 3. Gazania 4. White lotus 5. Chrysanthemum 6. Plumeria 7. Tulip 8. Orchid 9. Dahlia 10. Water lily — Annika Hinman, Venture High School


12 TX-bottomline

TX. Silver

Sterling silver is not pure silver — it may contain up to 7.5 percent copper.  

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