Out & About: An introvert at the Ogden Music Festival

Out & About: An introvert at the Ogden Music Festival

Story by Vanessa Zimmer , Standard-Examiner staff - Jun 4 2012 - 9:13am
Robert Earl Keen performs with his band during the Ogden Music Festival at Fort Buenaventura on Saturday, June 2, 2012. NICHOLAS DRANEY/Standard-Examiner

No one has ever called me a party animal, and for good reason.

I'm much more likely to be found on the couch, liner notes spread across my lap, following the lyrics of a new CD, than hitting a club or a dance floor.

I DO love my music, listening to old favorites and discovering new ones, but, at a shade under 5 foot tall, I dislike being so dwarfed in a concert crowd that I can't see the stage. And I have no tolerance for concertgoers who go to a concert to talk to their friends.

So for music-loving introverts like me, the Ogden Music Festival is a decent choice for a live concert experience.

The festival, which wrapped up on Sunday, designates each side of the stage for those who want to dance, limits the front to blankets and low-slung chairs, and asks those with regular lawn chairs and canopies to set up farther back. The dancers get to dance, and the sitters get to see the players on the stage. Win-win.

Now, if we could just do something about the sitters who talk, loudly and nonstop, to the person two chairs away during the sets ...

My highlights from the Saturday evening acts at the Ogden Music Festival:

* Watching Elephant Revival's Bonnie Paine, wearing gloves that looked like she was going to clean the oven, pound that washboard, and sing in that easy, smoky voice.

* The talented and charming Claire Lynch kidding about putting her new fingerpicks on backwards -- "Do you still like me?" And everyone did.

* The crowd completing the lines of "Merry Christmas From the Family" with Robert Earl Keen, as the cottonwood fluff bobbed in the night sky and the dancers to the left of the stage pulsated as a single entity.

It warmed the soul of even a music-loving introvert like me.

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