Jade Buffet features a sushi bar

Jade Buffet features a sushi bar

Story by Amy Nicholson , Standard-Examiner correspondent - Dec 3 2012 - 1:35am
(NICK SHORT/Standard-Examiner)
Sushi is a key item at the restaurant. Shown here is a Cherry Blossom Roll.
(NICK SHORT/Standard-Examiner)
Many items are included on the buffet, including pepper shrimp and Mongolian shrimp.
(NICK SHORT/Standard-Examiner)
Customers find their meals at the various buffet tables. The dessert table is a replica of a Chinese fishing boat.

Last December, Weng Ping opened Jade Buffet, after months of remodeling the location that sits near the Five Points intersection in Ogden. The interior includes comfortable booths, large pieces of art, stained and leaded glass, special effects lighting, and a replica of a Chinese fishing boat to house the dessert bar.

A separate banquet room, with seating for 60, is available by reservation for birthday parties, baby showers and other occasions.

Manager Leslie Lin accompanied Ping from New York to open the restaurant in Ogden, where they believed the market was less saturated and offered a better opportunity for success.

A unique feature of Jade Buffet is the sushi bar, offering half a dozen fresh sushi choices. Some of their most popular rolls, which can also be ordered a la carte, include the deep-fried Shrimp Tempura ($3.50), Crabmeat Salad Roll ($3.50) and the Dragon Roll ($4) with shrimp, crab and cucumber.

Another buffet favorite is deep-fried coconut shrimp in a homemade creamy sauce. Chef Ye Dadong said that all of his 15 to 20 sauces are made from scratch. Many of the recipes come from Dadong’s relatives.

Also popular with diners is the baked marinated salmon, grilled pork chops, baked mussels on the half shell with cheese, salt and pepper shrimp, Mongolian shrimp, and egg custard.

More than 60 traditional Chinese favorites are available on the takeout menu, including Sweet and Sour Chicken, Chicken with Broccoli, Beef with Broccoli and Chicken with Garlic Sauce ($6.50 each dish).

Dadong said another of his favorite buffet items is the marinated chicken teriyaki on a skewer. Hot and sour and egg drop soups are also available. The large dessert bar includes fresh fruits, Jell-O, pie, coconut cookies, almond cookies and tapioca pudding.

Lin said the remodeling process was long and difficult, but the restaurant has been doing well since it opened nearly a year ago. In addition to the 20 sushi rolls listed on the menu, the chefs often come up with something new.

“Every day, they make different creations,” Lin said.

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