Colorful guitarist bringing fire to Ogden for solo show

Colorful guitarist bringing fire to Ogden for solo show

Story by Linda East Brady , Standard-Examiner staff - Dec 7 2012 - 1:45am
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Guitar virtuoso Eric McFadden is bringing his unique style to Brewskis in Ogden on Saturday for a solo show. He blends elements of flamenco, blues, hard rock and jazz, and promises his show won’t be low-key.

Eric McFadden

9 p.m. Dec. 8.
244 Historic 25th St.
$5. Age 21-over.

View a slideshow of McFadden's Ogden concert

Guitar virtuoso Eric McFadden was hanging outside a Portland, Ore., tattoo parlor, sipping a latte. It was his friend’s shop, and McFadden and the president of his management company and producer of some of his albums, Delphine Suter, were both planning on getting a little more ink done.

McFadden already sports a number of tats, including an image of an ice cream cone and a beautiful gal.

“I have a plan, kind of,” McFadden said, speaking via phone, of his new tattoo. “It will either be a bird or a flower — I like pretty things like that.”

McFadden has made his share of pretty music — but he can also get down and dirty with his guitar. His unique style combines elements of flamenco, a style he learned while growing up in New Mexico, plus blues, hard rock and jazz.

He has not only fronted his own trio but has played with such groups as George Clinton’s Parliament Funkadelic, Angry Babies and LIAR. McFadden is also a key part of the supergroup Stockholm Syndrome, alongside Jerry Joseph (Jackmormons), Wally Ingram (Jackson Browne, Sheryl Crow) and David Schools (Widespread Panic).

McFadden is currently working on an album and planning a 2013 tour with TEN, which also includes Thomas Pridgen, of Mars Volta, and Norwood Fisher, of Fishbone.

The show McFadden brings to Brewskis in Ogden on Saturday, Dec. 8, is special for a couple of reasons. One, he is returning to Ogden after a three-year hiatus. Two, he will be playing this one solo.

Alone on stage

Though many fans might picture McFadden plugged in and ripping, he actually plays solo quite often.

“Over the years, I’ve gotten to do all kinds of touring and gigging,” McFadden said. “This (solo show) is some people’s preference, as it turns out.”

And just because he will be taking the stage alone, McFadden said, doesn’t mean it will be all mellow music.

“Sometimes it gets ramped up, rock ’n’ roll, and people tend to dance. Just because it is a solo show doesn’t mean it will be low-key.”

McFadden said the show will feature music from throughout his career.

“It can range stylistically, from the more Spanish- or Gypsy-influenced stuff, to rock and blues, to whatever. Most anything done with the band can be adapted that way. Plus, there are quite a few things I do in the solo gigs I don’t do with the band.”

Two projects

McFadden released a studio album, “Bluebird on Fire,” last year, and just recently a collection called “Inside Out,” which contains previously released work and four new songs.

“ ‘Bluebird on Fire’ is very blues-oriented,” he said. “It was done pretty spontaneously and instantly. I was still writing when I was in the studio.

“It is a very raw album. I was going through some things — but then, I guess I always am.” McFadden laughed. “Whatever I was going through definitely sealed that record and represented a chapter in my life.”

“Inside Out” was made in large part to give the band a little merch to sell on a recent tour of Europe. “Delphine suggested I put a compilation together, and then I added the new tracks. And I had some awesome guests on there, too,” he said.

Indeed he does, including Schools, Paulo Baldi (Cake), Keb’ Mo’ and Abby Travis (The Bangles), to name but a few.

He is also finishing an album with Fisher and Pridgen, and is looking forward to getting out on the road with them as TEN next year.

“These are just people I’ve played with over the years,” McFadden said. “There’s been a lot of those, and there will be more. I feel wonderful that I have such great people to collaborate and play with. It keeps me inspired.”

VIDEO: Watch Eric McFadden's music video version of "Where is Ferdinand?"

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