B.D. Howes Band, 'Eclectic Passage'

B.D. Howes Band, 'Eclectic Passage'

Story by Linda East Brady , Standard-Examiner staff - Jan 27 2012 - 1:26am
Salt Lake City's B.D. Howes Band has released a new CD called "Eclectic Passage."

B.D. Howes, "Eclectic Passage" -- Howes started out a solo artist 18 years ago, but has since put together a strong core band that includes bassist Chris Schell, drummer Jay Thomas and lead guitarist Chris Hamilton. The band is based in Salt Lake City.

Howes, who composes the songs, has a serene and engaging voice, and his compositions have a rootsy, melodic sound. His vocals are somewhat reminiscent of Alejandro Escovedo's, especially so on the closer, "You Gotta Be Real," which could pass for an old True Believer tune.

Standouts are the dreamy love song "Ferris Wheel," and the edgy, blues-guitar-driven "Just Walk Away."

B.D. Howes and his band deliver. Their original rock 'n' roll with its classic feel should appeal to a wide range of tastes.



B.D. Howes Band - Ferris Wheel
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