Out Standing in a Field: What does the future of water look like in Utah?

After several years of drought, Northern Utah finally had a cold, wet winter.


Utah Division of Water Resources release flood of data after debate

After a months-long public records battle, the Utah Division of Water Resources has released a deluge of data on municipal water use.


Weber State professors respond to climate misinformation spun by recent book

OGDEN — When a book questioning the scientific consensus on climate change began showing up in several Weber State University professors’ mailboxes this month, they felt frustrated. Some even got mad.


YCC honors Weber County investigators of sexual assault crimes

Reducing Utah’s alarming rate of sexual assault takes a community-wide effort, including a team working hard to collect the evidence required to bring perpetrators to justice. 


Share your Great Salt Lake marsh history as part of crowdsource project

From the establishment of the Bear River National Wildlife Refuge in 1928 to many decades of duck hunting, the marshes of the Great Salt Lake have a colorful history.


Antelope Island named a Dark Sky Park

Antelope Island is officially an International Dark Sky Park.


Snowmelt raises Great Salt Lake, but climate, diversions continue to take toll

The winter’s ample snowfall is now melting, sending much-needed water downhill to a withered Great Salt Lake. But climate experts caution that relief won’t last.  


Venture High students to share oral storytelling project about public lands

When teaching teens about Utah’s public lands, and the many nuanced attitudes that accompany them, it helps to hit the trail.


With Wildcat lift being replaced, what else does Snowbasin have planned?

Skiers and snowboarders celebrated their last ride on the old Wildcat lift Saturday, which is set to be replaced with a high-speed quad.


How the water market in Northern Utah works

Water distribution along the Wasatch Front has its own market.

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