President Trump and the media — can we all get along?

Trump news conference

Those who are willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt should also be willing to give...


Utah lawmakers want to sell off public lands, and it's hurting our pocketbooks

Outdoor Retailer Show-3 Herbert

I write to highlight and oppose actions by our Legislature, and our congressional representative, to do away with or shrink Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase, Escalante Monument. These lands will benefit Utah’s lucrative outdoor tourism industry and be a legacy for generations...

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Milo Yiannopoulos discovers the consequences of free speech

Yiannopoulos Video

“We're wonderfully free to say whatever we want to,” writes Christine Emba. “But that doesn't mean we should.”

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Utah's Mia Love understands the need for accessible, affordable birth control

Mia Love Contraception Bill

Love’s bill offers a sensible approach to birth control. If the ACA is repealed, women need access to over-the counter contraceptives.

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Can Democrats rise to Trump's challenge?

Buttigieg DNC

E.J. Dionne Jr. asks, Can the Democratic Party’s new leader harness the energy of the anti-Trump movement?


Utah needs a law to help terminally ill patients transition

Trump Supreme Court Right to Die-4

After watching my brother spend 12 days in the ICU of a local hospital slowly deteriorating in health daily and finally passing on the 12th day, I have to question why Utah won't pass a law like many of the states around us to help terminal patients in their transition in death. Is it because it...

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Sweden decided to take in thousands of refugees. It isn't going well

Sweden Riots

“By welcoming a historic number of asylum-seekers proportionate to its population, Sweden has indeed embarked on a vast social experiment that wasn't well thought out and isn't going very well,” writes Rich Lowry.

Me, Myself as Mommy

Feminazi days may be past, but women still fight the good fight

Engineers working with panel board indoors

Females are conquering STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) careers.

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If Utah wants to reduce homelessness, Lantern House is worth a $700K investment

BS 022916 Lantern House Bill 02-1

Utah lawmakers can either find $700,000 to sustain Lantern House now or pay more to address homelessness in the future. It’s their choice.

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How Trump affects the presidential rankings

Trump cheerleader

Trump is making Dwight Eisenhower look awfully good, writes Steve Chapman.

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Real estate: How buying a house is like riding a bike

mit dem E-Bike im Gebirge bergauf fahren

Why hire a real estate professional? Would you take up cycling without a proper bike fitting and a helmet?

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