Utah's drought is over — for now. But we still need to conserve water

Drought Farming-6

We just emerged from a six-year drought. If we learned anything from the experience, we cannot...

Guest Commentary

Utah's new .05 BAC threshold — an S-E reader conversation

DUI Threshold-1 Dabakis

Gov. Gary Herbert says lowering the state’s BAC threshold to .05 will save lives, but some readers argue the law will hurt Utah.

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Neil Gorsuch is eminently qualified for the Supreme Court

APTOPIX Senate Supreme Court-1 Gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch is heading to the Supreme Court. It's unfortunate that he has to endure the congressional kangaroo court on his way

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American democracy: Not so decadent after all

APTOPIX Trump truck

People wondered who could stop a strongman like Trump. The answer — checks and balances, writes Charles Krauthammer.


Nonprofit entity wants to take responsibility for Farmington Canyon Road

Farmington Canyon Road

Real Estate

Column: Save the frenzied and wild for concerts, not homebuying

House For Sale - Sign Hanging from Chain

As Realtors, in this market of few sellers and more buyers than available homes, we deal with this frantic and frenzied state every day.

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Voters don't want the American Health Care Act

Trump-2 Health care bill

“In sum, the AHCA is a plan voters and Republican governors think is going to make things worse,” writes Jennifer Rubin. “There is no popular outcry in favor of the bill.”

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In their fervor to control alcohol, Utah lawmakers are killing the economy

BZ 123016 Zion Curtain 02

Congratulations to the Utah Legislature and Gov. Gary Herbert. You found a way to further restrict the consumption of alcohol. And, as a bonus, you found a way to cripple Utah’s economy.

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Hispanics show a diversity of opinion — including on Trump's border wall

BZ 022616 Don Salazar 03-1

“There are a lot of people out there who can't imagine Hispanics being successful capitalists who prioritize their own self-interests over ethnic solidarity,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.


Liberal media bias on full display in kerfuffle over Trump and Russia

Trump Russia Manafort

Intrepid reporters for major news networks may have unwittingly revealed little-known secrets of successful diplomacy. With all the kerfuffle over American diplomats, senators, and presidential advisers making contact with Russian officials, it has come to light that Republicans have been doing it...

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Somebody messed with the breakfast service. Now an Ogden church needs help

Church break-in Miller

The Emmanuel Church of God in Christ is a small Ogden congregation that serves Sunday breakfast to the homeless. It needs our help recovering from a burglary over the weekend.

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