Sorry, 'Chick Magnets' attract no one

Sorry, 'Chick Magnets' attract no one

Steve Salles, Standard-Examiner movie critic - March 16th, 2012
1.5 stars

Trust me, I get no joy out of trashing someone’s hard work. Making movies is tough. Making great movies is nearly impossible.

So please understand when I say that watching the locally produced romantic comedy “Chick Magnets” was less than pleasant.

It’s the story of three high school friends, the soft-spoken good guy, Truman (Josh Putnam); the over-the-top sidekick, Fitch (Dash Wolf); and the stoneresque dude, Ryan (Jason K. Wixom), who are trying to get girls to like them.

It’s a quest as old as time and one that requires a new twist to stand out among the films that have come before. Therein lies the biggest problem with “Chick Magnets.”

It makes no effort to come up with something fresh. It believes it can tell the same story again, only do it worse, with only a hint of local flavor — yea, Timpview High School! — and people should pay full price to see it?

Tell me if you’ve heard this plot before: Truman (who reminds me of a young George Harrison) has dreamed of dating the lovely Beth (Heather Meacham) since he was a little kid, but she has paid him no attention. She inexplicably prefers the company of an arrogant, bully, while Truman ignores his adorable, long-suffering gal pal Ari (Tatum Langton).

Ari agrees to help Truman land Beth, by “pretending” to be his girlfriend, thus making Beth jealous.

I think you can figure out the rest from here.

On the positive, I did like the Ari character. She came off as the most natural and realistic in a sea of overcooked stereotypes.

A couple of the songs also caught my ear, but beyond that, I couldn’t wait for the film to end, and I don’t think I laughed a single time in 90-plus minutes. And I wasn’t the only one who sat there in silence.


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