'Declaration of War' a sad story inspired by true events

'Declaration of War' a sad story inspired by true events

Steve Salles, Standard-Examiner movie critic - March 9th, 2012
3 stars

Inspired by true events that actually happened to the two lead actors, Valerie Donzelli and Jeremie Elkaim, this is the story of a madly-in-love couple who have a baby boy who becomes seriously ill.

They learn that their infant son, Adam, has a brain tumor and an aggressive rare form of cancer that is difficult, if not impossible, to cure.

They “declare war” on their son’s disease and commit to do whatever it takes to make him whole again. The years of treatment and surgeries take a toll on this young pair, who are used to partying with their friends and living the good life of Paris.

They fight for their son, but also try not to lose their joy and sanity amidst this uncertainty of life.

It’s both heartwarming and heartbreaking to see what they have to go through, but, wow, does it feel honest and real.

This is obviously not the easiest movie to sit through, but it is worth the effort. The French thought so much of it, they submitted it for an Oscar (although it was not among the eventual nominees). “Declaration of War” is a powerful story of determination and love.


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