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Sadly, our politicians aren't up to the task of addressing climate change

Ogden lawmaker goes to bat for local issues

Welcome to the Anthropocene! In August 2016, the British-led Working Group on the Anthropocene determined that human beings’ collective impact on the earth is so significant that it will appear in the geologic record. The invention of plastics, the widespread use of nitrogen fertilizers,...


Utah lawmakers found a way around the 21st Amendment

SW 022717 Harp Hound BAC Ogden bar 02

In 1933, the U.S. Congress passed the 21st Amendment to the Constitution, thus ending Prohibition. In 2017, the Utah Legislature found a way around that amendment when it lowered the BAC limit to .05. Instead of outlawing alcohol outright, our legislators made it as difficult as possible to drink...


KUED-TV is a tremendous value for Utahns

KUED logo

We’ve all heard about the cuts proposed in the president’s budget that include elimination of funding for public broadcasting. We also know from the experience of running our own households that prudent budgeting requires a prioritization of expenditures based upon how valuable they are...


Cars speeding through crosswalks putting students at risk

BZ 081915 School Traffic Safety 02

I am a crossing guard at Second Street and Madison Avenue. Since school started on Aug. 23, 2016, I have had eight cars drive through the crosswalk when children or I were in it. Many drivers go 35 to 40 mph, even with the 20-mph flashing lights on. I am convinced the chief of police is not...


President Trump is taking everything away from us

Trump-2 health care

If you didn’t vote, shut your mouth and quit complaining. I voted for Hillary Clinton. I’m a divorced white woman in my 60s. I live alone, suffering from severe depression, anxiety and anger problems. I am also physically disabled and in constant pain. I live in a mobile home. Rent and...


Members of Trump's cabinet may not need Meals on Wheels, but many people do

Meals on Wheels

I am writing because cutting Meals on Wheels would be a very serious mistake. I know many people who would be hurt if the program is cut, unlike the members of President Trump’s cabinet, who probably have lobster or T-bone steaks daily. My brother and his wife are in their 90s and still in...


Eliminating mandatory vehicle inspections will hurt Utah public safety

Secondary BS 010317 Diesel Emissions 03 -4

In your


PETA billboard isn't targeting Sage the cat's family

RL 03122017 (Slideshow) Sage the Cat Vigil-13-3

PETA’s billboard urging everyone to keep their cats indoors isn’t targeting Sage’s family (”Sage didn't deserve to be tortured. Neither does his family, PETA,” March 15 Standard-Examiner editorial). It’s a vital warning that we hope will prevent other cats from...


Making money as a paid protester? Sign me up, says this stay-at-home mom

Chaffetz Comes Home-1

I'm a stay-at-home mom, which in reality means I work for no pay. Oh, I've made some extra money here and there, but as every stay-at-home parent knows, it's tricky managing your kids' lives and trying to have a paying job at the same time. I'm also politically active and have been known to march...


Reader thankful the Utah Legislature was only in session 45 days

Lead BZ 123016 Zion Curtain 01-2

Thank you, Utah Legislature. You only had 45 days to make me feel good, and this is what happened: 1. You lowered the legal blood alcohol limit to .05. Better watch what’s in your mouthwash. 2. You got rid of Zion Curtains, but only if there’s a Mormon Moat. And you raised the price of...

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