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Real Estate Investing Webinar – Ogden, UT

December 31, 2033 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Ogden, UT

Imagine learning how to buy real estate with little or no money down (and no credit check)?

How can you do possibly ask real estate with as little as a few hundred dollars you ask?

Ever heard of these real estate strategies?

  • Seller Financing

  • Lease Option

  • Subject-To

Read on to learn more.

We have a track record of teaching students these and more investment strategies, credit repair, advanced banking concepts, so that they can execute these strategies.

Enjoy the webinar and we guarantee you will learn some new concepts.

Some of our student accomplishments:

  • Paid down $26,000 in debt in 2 months

  • Acquired a property in Brooklyn, NY for $500 down

  • Wholesales a property and made $5000 in profit within 30 days of learning the concepts

Do you feel you’re in control of your finances and your schedule?

Are you following the 40-40-40 plan?

·         You work 40 hours a week

·         for 40 years

·         to retire on 40 % of your income.

We show you how you can use businesses and real estate to increase your income while reducing taxes and interest so you have more money to invest.

Do you have a home mortgage, student loans or other debt?

Watch the webinar to the end and you will learn something the banks don’t want you to know. We can show how to pay down your debt without changing your present lifestyle in 7-10 years and save tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

By now you should know working longer hours won’t get you ahead.

In fact, you may be working 2 jobs and long hours and still fall more and more behind.

Learn how you can use the knowledge and tools of the rich and start getting back your freedom.

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity”. Is it time for you to make a change?

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