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Debt Elimination, Tax Reduction and Retiring through Cash Flow – Ogden, UT

December 31, 2033 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Ogden, UT

Learn about Debt Elimination, Tax Reduction and Retiring through Cash Flow

The old wall math.

Do you still believe in retiring on 4-5% interest on your assets like Wall Street keeps telling us?

If that’s so, here is a little math:

If you had $1,000,000 and would earn 5% interest, you would receive $50,000 before taxes, and a little more than $40,000 after taxes.

How is this plan going? How is your million dollar coming along? Inferring from the average household savings most American’s don’t believe in this any longer.

This 4 part webinar will provide some alternatives:

1. Learn how to crush your debt.

We will show you 3 ways to accelerate your debt payment, actually, 2 ways to crush your debt.

2. Would you like to reduce your taxes?

Learn how the wealthy use legal ways to offset their taxes, and learn how you could do the same.

3. Retire through Cash Flow

Learn how can retire in 3-5 years through cash flow.

Here is the simple plan for Retirement

Retiring with a Job vs. Retiring with cash flowing assets.

The webinar will go into how you can start working on this retirement plan and create enough cash flow in 3-5 years independent of age.

Enjoy the webinar and we guarantee you will learn something new.



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