Arts help motivate, inspire

TX. Arts in Schools

High school is an important time in every person’s life. In these years, teenagers discover their identities and ways to express them, whether it be through sports, extracurricular hobbies or the fine arts. The arts can be a crucial outlet for a student’s creative mind. But there are...


The TX. 10: Things to do at Coachella

Classic Rock Coachella -3

If you ever get to attend the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which wraps up its 2017 run in Indio, California this weekend, you can:  1. Go to all the concerts you want; there are plenty to choose from. 2. Look at all of the art around the festival grounds. 3. Eat the amazing food....


Are kids 'entitled' to fancy cellphones?

TX. Cellphones

When I was younger, all I wanted was a cellphone. I begged and begged my parents. Many nights ended in tears or fits but the answer was always no. This went on for about three years until finally, on my 13th birthday, my parents woke me up with my new cellphone. I practically tore the gift open. It...


Time to talk openly about teen suicide, stop rising rate of deaths

Clearfield HOPE Week

In the state of Utah, the leading cause of death among young people ages 10-17 is suicide, and the rate has been rising since 2011. Youth in this age group make up 13 percent of the state’s population, according to the Utah Department of Health, and experience 5.1 percent of all suicides. One...


23 TX-hulahoops

TX. Hula Hoops

The longest verified record for keeping a hula hoop spinning is 74 hours and 54 minutes, set by Aaron Hibbs of Columbus, Ohio, in 2009.  


What's in your Easter basket?

TX. Easter

Are you an M&M’s kind of person or a give-me-bunches-of-licorice-jelly-beans kind of kid? When it comes to Easter baskets, we’ve all got our favorites and our TX. writers are no exception. Here are some of our staff members’ best — and worst — picks to find on...


Gauging a girl’s interest — without being annoying

TX. Relationships

“Where’s my hug?” he said with mock puppy dog eyes and a sad face as he walked up to you in the hallway at school. You looked him up and down with a scowl on your face; he had just earned his way onto your “No Hug” list. If you are a girl, you may have gone...


Plenty of ups, downs in choosing dream college

University of Michigan Law School Quadrangle, Ann Arbor, MI

For many high school seniors, applying to college is one of the most stressful experiences they’ve had so far. They get so focused on writing the perfect essay, finding the right people to write recommendations and testing to get the best scores they can. This, sometimes combined with an...


The TX. 10: Best taco eateries

TX. Tacos

1. El Rey De Oros — Salt Lake City 2. Los Molcajetes — West Valley City 3. El Paraiso — Ogden 4. Mi Puebla — Ogden 5. Taqueria Mexico — Ogden 6. El Calor — Salt Lake City 7. El Paisa Grill — Salt Lake City 8. Mi Caramelito...


16 TX-bottomline

Green chimichurri sauce with grilled steak

Chimichurri is a green sauce from Argentina that’s eaten with grilled meats.

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