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The Homefront: When the going gets tough, partners don't budge

louise brown web sig.jpg

When the going gets tough, the tough don’t move an inch. They grasp onto one another a little tighter, reconfirm their commitment and thank heaven for the tough times that make them stronger.

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The monks and the saints — 70 years together in the Ogden Valley

BZ 021915 Monastery 04-3

When the Trappists arrived 70 years ago in Huntsville, nobody quite knew what to expect. But the monks and their LDS neighbors built a warm and strong relationship.

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Millennials? Apolitical? Not at Weber State

Lead BZ 120516 Electoral College 01-3

“We were relentless — at every event, we encouraged students to register and to vote,” write Carol McNamara and Leah Murray.

Behind Bars

Behind Bars: Deciding how to make the most of my remaining time in prison

Brian Wood Behind Bars new sig

When prisoners get closer to their release dates, they become eligible for a few additional jobs working outside the walls of the prison. But what jobs are the best?

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After a senseless loss, reaffirming a faith in words and the law

Britain Attack-6

“I believe in words and I believe in the law,” writes E. Kent Winward. “Words may seem like an ineffective means to combat the worst parts of human nature, but when it comes to laws, our collective legal words can be powerful.”

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Ogden — boomtown or ghetto? An S-E reader conversation

Downtown Ogden and Mount Ogden

Readers take issue with people who think of Ogden as a ghetto.

Real Estate

Real estate advice: Tips for managing higher interest rates and mortgage terms

Sonya Smithing, 2017

Even what seems like a small increase in interest ratings could be the difference between being able to afford to buy a house or not. 

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In an age of genocide, we remember the Holocaust

Syria chemical attack

“Holocaust remembrances ask us to never forget because atrocities keep occurring,” writes Adrienne Andrews. “Until we speak out for others, genocide will continue.”

Behind Bars

Behind Bars: Will work for food — or not

Brian Wood Behind Bars new sig

There's little to no trust extended to prisoners, so when inmate Brian Wood is treated differently, it's a bit of a shock to the system, he says.

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When the background music of our lives turns dark and tragic

BN 032617 Kurt Cochran Memorial 07-6

“If just one man in England had followed the direction of the law not to kill, our news last week would have been different and more peaceful,” writes E. Kent Winward.

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