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Behind Bars

Behind Bars column gives a voice, insight to a hidden population

Nolan Taylor WEB ONLY

Any way we can make life more humane and compassionate for those caught up in the criminal justice system will, in the end, benefit society, Nolan Taylor writes. 

Behind Bars

Behind Bars: Focusing on the expectations I have for myself, not on others’

Brian Wood Behind Bars new sig

“I believe I’m ready for the hardest part of all this, and that will be accepting that people will have varied opinions of me,” inmate Brian Wood writes. 

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Utah passed 535 laws this session. Some of them aren't any good

BZ 123016 Zion Curtain 03-1

New laws aren’t always good laws, writes E. Kent Winward.

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A cat's brutal death — a Standard-Ex reader conversation

sage the cat

Sage, a Clearfield family’s pet, died after someone tortured him. His death both enrages and worries Standard-Examiner readers.

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Is it a man’s world? Reflecting on Women’s History Month 2017

Utah Legislature Women's March

“As with voting rights, I am at a loss trying to understand how an Equal Rights Amendment could hurt this country,” writes Adrienne Andrews of Weber State University.

Behind Bars

Behind Bars: Welcome to Shady Acres — zero days since last incident

Brian Wood Behind Bars new sig

“I don’t think I’ll last very long in my new section,” inmate Brian Wood writes. “I’ll probably try to go elsewhere, but who knows — I may be getting voted off the island before then.”

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Utah regulation reform is a positive for local businesses

Utah Legislature Things To Know-3 Wilson

“Along with impacting the overall cost of doing business, burdensome regulation hinders the growth and expansion of small businesses and takes up significant time and resources,” writes Rep. Brad Wilson.

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Brief in Hernandez case provides a chilling look inside the U.S. Border Patrol

Sergio Hernandez Funeral

“Trump is right,” writes E. Kent Winward. “The Border Patrol needs a big expansion — in oversight and accountability.”

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Lowering Utah's BAC limit to .05 — a Standard-Examiner reader conversation

SW 022717 Harp Hound BAC Ogden Bar 04

Is lowering Utah’s blood alcohol limit to .05 about saving lives? Punishing Gentiles? Raising money? Here’s what S-E readers had to say.

Real Estate

Column: When it comes to home value and weather, sometimes we don't get to pick

Jen Kirchhoefer

It would be great if we could decide when the sun would shine — or even how much our house is worth — but there are some things in this life we just don’t get to pick.

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