Weber County Library’s Winter Fest draws community together for Christmas Eve

Weber County Library’s Winter Fest draws community together for Christmas Eve

Members of the community are invited to join together on Christmas Eve for a festive party at the local library.

The Weber County Library’s annual Winter Fest will be held from 1 to 4 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 24, in the main library, 2464 Jefferson Ave., in Ogden. Admission is free.

The annual Christmas Eve shindig at the library used to be called the Holiday Open House, according to librarian Victoria Young-Burns, coordinator of the event. But after the library reopened following a major remodeling, organizers of last year’s event decided to rebrand the celebration.

“It’s kind of evolved a little bit,” Young-Burns said. “Back when it was the Holiday Open House, it used to focus on the less fortunate in the community, offering them a hot meal and warm clothing. But now it’s more of a community celebration that’s inclusive of everyone.”

Young-Burns said they still offer community members a meal — this year it’s sandwiches — and they’ll still be handing out hats, gloves and other cold-weather items for anyone who needs them. But she says it’s now more of a community-wide event.

This year’s Winter Fest will include a movie, a live band, story times and Bingo, according to Young-Burns.

“It’s a way for the community to come together and interact together — to give community members a place to celebrate in case they don’t have someplace to go,” she said. “Not everyone enjoys the holidays. It can be a lonely time.”

The family-friendly animated film “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” will be shown at the festival. Local bassist Lars Yorgason will bring a couple of his musician friends to perform tunes at the library.

Bingo will also be offered, giving visitors a chance to win books and other prizes.

“Believe it or not, Bingo is one of our most popular events at the library,” Young-Burns said.

About 30 members of the library staff will be on hand to help pull off the event; Young-Burns said they’re planning on about 300 visitors during the afternoon.

Young-Burns says the Winter Fest celebration is one of her favorite programs that the library hosts throughout the year.

“It’s a time where the library staff really gets to interact with the people we serve — having a meal together, laughing together, singing together,” she said. “It really personalizes it and give people a face.”

Young-Burns said she invites all in the community to meet at the library for the Christmas Eve festival.

“Instead of focusing on one aspect of our neighborhood, Winter Fest is for everybody,” she said. “Nobody is excluded or labeled.”

For more information, call 801-337-2691.

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