New eatery opens at former Iggy’s location in The Junction

New eatery opens at former Iggy’s location in The Junction

OGDEN — A new restaurant is opening in central Ogden Monday.

Cooper’s @ The Junction, a family-owned and operated eatery, is opening in the building that formerly housed Iggy’s, which closed Feb. 18. The new restaurant will also feature live music.

Cooper’s owners Tony and Alisha Crowson said they’re good friends with the owner of Iggy’s, who suggested they take over the spot because their restaurant would be a good fit.

“There’s such a sense of satisfaction to take care of people from start to finish, Alisha said. “Whether it’s a smile at the front door, good food, being friendly or making a connection with them … it’s been really fun to do together.”

The couple have owned and operated another branch of the restaurant in Idaho called Coopers @ Bear Lake West for almost a decade.

Both have experience in the restaurant business. Tony worked as a general manager with Red Lobster for eight years while Alisha worked for Olive Garden. The two decided to open their own place in Idaho because they enjoy serving people and making great food.

“I’m not classically trained or anything but I’m a really, really good cook,” Tony said while Alisha nodded in agreement.

They couple live in Brigham City and are excited about their restaurant’s new location in Ogden. They want to attract the same customers who came to Iggy’s along with those looking for a little something extra, like a nice steak or seafood dinner.

“This business can’t just be about numbers,” Tony said. “You’ve got to be passionate about serving good food, trying new things and being creative.”

The menu will be almost identical to the offerings in Idaho including salads, steak, seafood, sandwiches, burgers, chicken dishes and a feast pairing two or three entrees together. Tony’s favorite dish to make is the roasted red pepper and artichoke dip while Alisha’s is a salmon dish.

“It’s got a coffee rub, shallot butter and shrimp,” she said. “It’s fantastic.”

The decor inside doesn’t look any different compared to when the establishment was run by its former owner, but there will be a full bar with full pours and fresh squeezed juices. The establishment is licensed as a restaurant, which in Utah means patrons will need to buy a food item to order an alcoholic drink. Tony said there will be an affordable bar menu featuring appetizers for those who don’t necessarily want an entire meal.

The kids won’t feel left out either. Tony said they offer a $5 children’s meal which comes with a drink and an ice cream sandwich, served on a take-home Frisbee to play with later.

“My philosophy is if you can win the kids over, parents just follow,” Tony said.

And speaking of kids, Cooper’s is actually named after the couple’s 13-year-old son.

“It’s been fun for our son to be a part of (the restaurant) too and learn work ethic,” Alisha said.

It won’t happen right away, but eventually Tony and Alisha plan to have live music at Cooper’s every week. They said most of the acts who perform at their Idaho location are from Northern Utah anyway, so now they won’t have to travel far.

Alisha said they’ve typically had performers play classic rock, country and 90s music.

“All the music that’s played is that feel-good music you can sing along to,” she said.

Cooper’s will also retain Iggy’s several large TV screens, making it a great place to go watch the game. Tony said they’ll have the Pac-12 Networks available for viewing.

Cooper’s opens 11 a.m. Monday at 2309 Washington Blvd.

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