Northern Utah live music: See Edison with Maxwell Hughes, local musicians and more

Northern Utah live music: See Edison with Maxwell Hughes, local musicians and more

Friday, Nov. 10

Nov 10 The Ivie League The Ivie League makes their debut on the PBR Stage. This duo, composed of Ivie Brie and Gar Ashby’s Music Page, covers a large number of songs you’ll be familiar with and maybe even a few you don’t know. This should be a very fun,… Lighthouse Lounge

Saturday, Nov. 11

Nov 11 Crook & the Bluff Crook and the Bluff is bringing their special blend of pyschedelic blues and desert rock to the Funk ‘n Dive Bar. Come dance the night away with the Bluff Squad! Listen to Crook and the Bluff’s debut album “Down to the Styx” ( and watch the… Funk ‘n Dive Bar

Nov 11 Michelle Moonshine & Co. With original songs rooted in honky-tonk heroes of the past and tones reminiscent of a young Emmylou Harris, Michelle and company (John Davis on electric guitar, vocals, harmonica and Bronk Onion on upright bass and vocals) deliver a performance that feels both raw yet refined. Declining… Lighthouse Lounge

Nov 11 Pop and Jazz Music This performance will include “I Feel Good,” “New York, New York,” “Tonight,” “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” and more. Pieces are arranged for symphony orchestra and small jazz band. Faculty and student singers will participate as well.   Val A. Browning Center for the Performing Arts

Sunday, Nov. 12

Nov 12 Sunday w/ Tom Bennett, Chris Aguilar, & Paddy Teglia Nationally touring country and blues musician Tom Bennett (one man band), Ogden’s best guitarist Chris Aguilar (machines of man/brothers brimm/from the sun) and Paddy Teglia perform live. The Sand Trap

Monday, Nov. 13

Nov 13 Dan Jonas Faculty Recital This is a faculty recital to present Dan Jonas’ “Spirituality Suite,” an eight-movement piece for jazz quintet that deals with themes of religion, politics and existentialism. In addition to Dan Jonas, other performers include Dr. Ben Markley (University of Wyoming), Levi Saelua (CA), Dr. Denson Angulo… Val A. Browning Center for the Performing Arts

Thursday, Nov. 16

Nov 16 Edison w/ Maxwell Hughes (formerly of Lumineers) Edison–singer/guitarist Sarah Slaton, multi-instrumentalist Dustin Morris and Grammy-nominated guitarist Maxwell Hughes (formerly of The Lumineers)–is an indie rock trio from Colorado which has quickly emerged as a musical force. Although they’ve only been a band since late 2014, they’ve already built a substantial national fan… Funk ‘n Dive Bar

Nov 16 Tejon Street Corner Thieves & Clyde and the Milltailers This Thursday’s Ogden Unplugged will feature a special performance by Tejon Street Corner Thieves AND Clyde and the Milltailers. Come out early to play acoustic open mic. Lighthouse Lounge


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