Creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky Addams Family intends to entertain CenterPoint audiences

Creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky Addams Family intends to entertain CenterPoint audiences

Photo By: Pepperfox Photography – Kelly Griffiths (Gomez), Aimee Pike (Morticia), Hannah Roskelly (Wednesday), Josh Call (Pugsley), Holly Reid (Grandmama), Dan Call (Uncle Fester), Joseph Nichols (Lurch), Holden Smith (Lucas), Matt Price (Mal), Angie Call (Alice) star in ‘The Addams Family,’ opening Oct. 3 at CenterPoint Theatre.

CENTERVILLE —Creepy and charming don’t always go together, but that’s what audiences will find in CenterPoint Theatre’s latest show, “The Addams Family.” The double-cast show opens at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 3, telling the love story between Wednesday, the daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams, and her new fiance, who is a normal human.

Wednesday tries to hide her feelings from her mother, but Gomez knows how she feels. When Wednesday introduces her fiance to the Addams Family, lots of laughs and plenty of love shine through, according to a release from the theater.


WHAT: ‘The Addams Family’

WHEN: 7:30  p.m. Oct. 3-Oct. 29, nightly except Sundays.

WHERE: CenterPoint Theatre’s Barlow Main Stage, 525 N. 400 West, Centerville.

ADMISSION: $17.50-$24.50 at, by calling 801-298-1302 or at the box office.

Aimee Pike plays Morticia in the Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday cast, and Margo Watson plays Morticia in the Monday/Wednesday/Friday cast. Both say that show’s magic comes from the strong family feeling both on and off the set.

“The show is all about a sense of belonging, no matter what kind of family you come from, and that’s the way we all feel at CenterPoint with this cast. The cast has opened their arms to everyone in the show,” Pike said.

Watson agrees. “I’ve been in a lot of shows and a lot of equity shows where we get paid for our work. The reason why people are willing to drive long distances to be in CenterPoint shows is because we are treated like family and like we belong.”

She has found this to be especially true with this show. “Our director (Scott Montgomery) has been able to bind this cast together in an amazing way,” she said.

“They do a good job of making you feel wanted,” Pike said. She makes the drive from Taylorsville for the show and Watson comes from Sandy.  Another cast member comes from Utah County.

Pike also sang the praises of Montgomery. “He knows what he wants and allows us to find our character and then guides us from that choice,” Pike said.

Pike thinks this is a perfect Halloween show for the family: “It’s not your typical Halloween show because it’s not gruesome or scary, but it’s nice. You will laugh, but also feel a bit of that Halloween spirit.”

The two agree the ensemble cast is worth watching. The “ancestors,” as they are called, play a critical role the in the musical, and Montgomery has woven them through the show so they play a crucial element in several scenes, Watson said.

“I think they may be on stage more than Morticia and it is awesome,” Pike added.

It’s the first time for the show for Pike and Watson. “I didn’t grow up with the ‘Addams Family’ on TV, so this has been a treat to get to the know the family and see the closeness they have,” Pike said.

Watson has always wanted to play a part in this show.

“I’m so glad I had the chance to ‘break in’ here (at CenterPoint.) They are not clique-y and give people a chance. Plus, the talent here is as good as you find in New York or L.A.,” Watson said. “Its great to see a theater cast on talent.”

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